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Trouser stretcher style portable thread trimmer machine
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Trouser stretcher style portable thread trimmer machine
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Name: Trouser stretcher style portable thread trimmer Machine
Model: GT26-3
Application: This type of machine can be used on any jeams, sportswear, embroidery Cloth, hand bag, beddings and other things, very easy to move, brought the machine to which need trimmed, and suit for all knds of garment, embroidery, hand bag and bedding factories.
1.Professional for Jeans, western style trousers, casual trousers etc.
2.For use where the article to be trimmed is brought the machine.
3.Reduces trimming costs, increase production, uses unskilled help, eliminates scissor damage, keeps trimming area clean and reduces cleanup cost.
4.The machine is properly desingned new style, excellent quality and easy operation.
5.It has an trouser stretcher, freely reserve trousers or change side from outside to inside to trim,.Easy maintenance.
6.You can choose different clipper blades & motor control for different material.
Technical Parameter: Voltage: 110V/220V
Power: 60W~330W
Frequency: 50HZ/430HZ
Revolution: 400~5000RPMHZ
Power consumption: 0.18~0.43KW
Reference: Material Silk、Wool Knit Material Denim、jeans
Clipper blades 342/Blunt(Optional) 277/Fine(Standard) 279/Coarse(Optional)
Motor control 3-4 5-7 6-9
Manual Operation VS Grand Thread Trimmer Operation Report
Zhongshan Shaxi Computerize Embroidery Garment Factory Warm Underwear Manual Operation 3'20~3’55/pc Grand Thread Trimmer Operation 1’15~1’40/pc
Dongguan Houjie Garment Factory Circle Collar Long Sleeves T-shirt Manual Operation 40~50pcs/hr Grand Thread Trimmer Operation 100~110pcs/hr
Vietnam Garment Factory Circle Collar Long Sleeves T-shirt Manual Operation 50~60pcs/hr Grand Thread Trimmer Operation 80~120pcs/hr
Dongguan Chashan Grament Factory Long Sleeves T-shirt With Slide Fastener And Pocket Manual Operation 12~20pcs/hr Grand Thread Trimmer Operation 30~35pcs/hr
Dongguan Chashan Garment Factory Jeans Manual Operation 20~30pcs/hr Grand Thread Trimmer Operation 60~80pcs/hr


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