GRAND PRODUCTS (USA) GROUP is a group company specialized in sewing equipment and related products. It is integrated with design, developmnet, production, installmnet and service, The company was founded in 1989 in NEW YORK.

With the spirit of introducing the America’most advanced technology of clothing manufacturing to every clothing manufacturing base in the world, Grand launched its first branch in Central America in 1997 and became a multinational company. Later Hongkong branch Grand Enterprise (Asia) Ltd was established and Grand Precision Industrial Ltd which is located in Zhongshan, Mainland China, as an assembly and manufacturing base, was also set up to produce thread trimmer and suction devices with automatic cutting system. Grand has a galaxy of technical professionals and successfully developed brushless DC motors, servo motors for sewing machines and microcomputer controlled tape feeder in 2005. Dedicating in applying high-tech and latest materials in sewing equipment, Grand has earned 50 patents and received the approval and certificate of ISO9001:2015. Grand products are widely sold to Europe, the US, Africa, Southeast Asia and other parts of the world. Many large chain corporations, such as Wal-Mart, K-Mart and HK Laws Textile Group, have all requested their suppliers to use Grand’s Thread Trimmer, Suction Devices and Brushless DC Motors so as to guarantee good quality of clothing.

During the new crown epidemic from February 2020, the company actively responded to the  government's call, stepped up to resume work, promptly invested in the R&D and production  of mask production equipment, and established a 1,600 square meter clean workshop to  produce masks. In August, it obtained the "Second Class Medical Device Registration  Certificate and Production License" Currently, it has 9 automatic disposable flat mask  production lines and 4 KN95 mask production lines, with a daily output of more than  500,000pcs.

Keep Consistent Good Quality as First Priority and Satisfy the Needs of Customers is the goal that Grand pursues. Work with Grand to Create a Better Future is the hope that Grand maintains. We warmly welcome any inquiry of Grand’s products.

Company Culture

——GRAND Values




Continuous innovation is the philosophy of GRAND Company, the source and power of the company's survival and development; We bring the latest high-tech technology and products to the sewing industry, from the installation of semi-automatic sewing devices on the sewing machine to the development of full-automatic sewing machine equipment; We understand that failure to change our thinking is the mother of success. We are constantly learning to surpass ourselves. We are constantly innovating to keep our products ahead.




The first thing for employees of GRAND is to rationalize their work and make efficient products recognized by customers; With high-quality partners and the spirit of building a factory based on quality, the company's basic requirements for employees and products are high standard, refined and reasonable working attitude. The company will steadily move forward from incubation to solidification of products.



To work together for development; Insist on people-oriented and build a harmonious enterprise; All employees of Baichuan Company always maintain high morale, oppose the idea of not thinking about making progress and the unity and cooperation of all departments, consciously promote and work together to achieve integrity, accelerate the overall development of the Company, and enhance and ensure the brand value of GRAND.



Honesty is the foundation of modern enterprises, the driving force of development, the code of conduct, and the core of success; People can't stand without faith, businesses can't thrive without faith, families can't live without faith, and countries can't be strong without faith; Integrity is a business ethics spirit that must be observed by Baichuan's customers, employees and partners, promoting mutual benefit between GRAND and all sectors of society, and pursuing excellence through harmonious development.

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