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Double-head brushless suction desktop thread trimmer machine
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Double-head brushless suction desktop thread trimmer machine
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GT32-BL product picture:

product name: Double-head brushless suction desktop thread trimmer machine
Product number: GT32-BL
Product Usage: Automatic induction suction cutting thread, used for knitted garments (kids, underwear, T-shirts), woven garments (shirts, trousers, denim), etc., especially for clothes with a lot of thread ends; easy to move, suitable for the division of labor Used by large and small manufacturers.
1. Absolutely guarantee the consistency of high-quality products, will not cut clothes, and will not cut overlock stitches and stretch stitches, creating a perfect cutting effect.
2. Integrate the thread cutting and suction process into one, there is no leftover and end of the thread, ensuring clean clothing and working environment, purifying the air, and benefiting the health of workers.
3. The traditional manual thread trimming is upgraded to mechanization and simplification, which greatly improves the efficiency of thread trimming and easy maintenance.
4. Adjustable suction volume scale. Adjust the suction volume scale and replace the blade, which can be used for different fabrics.
Technical Parameters: Power supply voltage: 110V / 220V
Power rate: 60W ~ 330W
Frequency: 50HZ / 430HZ
Turning number: 400 ~ 5000RPM
Power consumption: 0.18 ~ 0.43KW
As follows: Flour Silk and wool fabrics Knitted fabric Woven, denim fabric
Applicable knife 342/BLUNT(Sold separately) 277/FINE(Standard) 279/COARSE(Standard)
Inspiratory volume scale 3-4 5-7 6-9


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