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2 Ways Electric Suction Chain Cutter Device With over-lock Machine
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2 Ways Electric Suction Chain Cutter Device With over-lock Machine
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GRAND brand Chain cutter dust suction device works: air compressor pressure generated by the vacuum generator after amplification (or small vacuum motor) produces powerful suction, the former Qiebu inhalation trash, after priming package after the completion of the sewing inhalation internal sutures knife, aim to achieve by trimming blade reciprocates.
Effect: provincial lines, job site clean, equipment cleaning, save costs and improve productivity.
Application: Suitable for all brands of sewing sewing machine supporting the use of the installation.
YAMATO-CZ over-lock machine Configure & installation diagram :
Electric suction dust collector kind Legend:
Name: 2 Ways Electric Suction Chain Cutter Device With over-lock Machine
(with YAMATO over-lock machine as an example:front waste + chain vacuum removal + Brushless vacuum motor)
Model: GE102-2-BL-YAMATO
Derived Model:
GE101-2-BL 1 way (chain removal only)
GE101A-2-BL 1 way (waste vacuum only)
GE102-2-BL 2 ways (chain removal+waste vacuum)
Description: This series of products applies to thread-cutting and suction for overlock sewing machine in Garment manufacturing company. The device no configuration air compressor. It has 1 way (front waste or chain vacuum removal, you can choose one of them), 2 ways (front waste plus chain vacuum removal) . This device is by the vacuum motor is powered to thread-cutting dust suction for purpose. Using dust collection system linkage work, including the sewing machine is not working, energy-saving design dust collection system does not work. Dust collection system can also work long-term, multiple-choice, Achieve clean room effect.
Feature: 1.Use Brushless suction motor:which does not need carbon brush and nonmaintenance under super high speed running.
2.Venturi Operates when treadle pressed.
3.Can be used with any kind of over lock ir interlock machine with clutch or electronic motor.
4.Electric regulator assembly is optional.


Scution Device Order Guide:GA 11 2 -1 - P - D - F - SC\GE 10 2 -2 - BL
GA/GE GA means Air Action
GE means Electirc Action
1/2/4 1 means fabric suction bag
2 means round plastic bucket
4 means iron box
10/20/30/11/21/31 10 Means Round Style Suction Cover for Overlock M/C
20 Means Round Style Suction Cover for Flatlock M/C
20 Means Round Style Suction Cover for Feed Off Arm M/C
11 Means Square Drawer Suction Cover for Overlock M/C
21 Means Square Drawer Suction Cover for Flatlock M/C
31 Means Square Drawer Suction Cover for Feed Off Arm M/C
S/S2 S means single solenoid valve
S2 means doubel solenoid valves
P P means cylinder(foot lifter)
D D means Full-submergence bracket
F F means air regulator(Filter)
SC SC means upper looper dust removal(self-cleaning)
1/1A/2 1 Means 1 way chain removal only
1A Means 1 way waste vacuum only
2 Means 2 ways chain removal+waste vacuum
BL/HB BL means Brushless Motor Scution
HB means Suction Brush Motor


Chain Cutter Optional:

JUKI TO-45 \ TO-42 (Side) MO-2514, 3314 \ 3714, 3914, 6714, 6914
TO-35 \ TO-41 (Flat) MO-2516, 3316 \ 3716, 3916, 6716, 6916
YAMOTO 2109917(K2) (Side) AZ-8003, AZ-8020, CZ-6003, CZ-6125
2109906(K1) (Flat) AZ-8500, AZ-8600, CZ6520, CZ6500
BROTHER S24273-001 (Side) N11, N21, V61
S43547-001 (Flat) N31, V51
PEGASUS KS-308046-91 \ KS-304294-91Y (Side) EX5214, MX5214 \ M752, M852
KH-308020A-91 \ KH-30304308-91Y (Flat) EX3216, MX3216 \ M732, M832
SIRUBA KS-301148 \ KS-308046-91 (Side) 737, 747F, 747D, E52 \ 988-504, 747K
KH-301235 \ KH-308020A (Flat) 757F, 757D, 767F, E32 \ 988-516, 757K
KINGTEX SS023 \ KS-308046-91 (Side) SH7004 \ UH9004
SS035 \ KH-308020A (Flat) SH7005 \ UH9005

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