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Microcomputer Direct Drive Motor Automatic Induction Suction Thread Cutting Device Baichuan (with JUKI Overlock Sewing Machine)
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Microcomputer Direct Drive Motor Automatic Induction Suction Thread Cutting Device Baichuan (with JUKI Overlock Sewing Machine)
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GTC Series Microcomputer Direct Drive Motor Automatic Induction Suction Thread Cutting Device (For Overlock Sewing Machine, Patent Product, Special Design):
Mainly equipped with "pneumatic thread cutter group + induction electric eye + direct drive motor and control system" integrated into a microcomputer intelligent new automation product "automatic presser foot lift, front and rear suction tangent dust collection", the operation is simpler and easier to use, the key is The installation "compatibility" is very strong, and all kinds of domestic and foreign brands of old and new overlock sewing machines can be installed. It is more convenient, more intuitive, and has a wider range. It faces the new trend of the future development of industrial sewing technology.
GMD1-GTC-E-2A-JUKI Direct-drive motor automatic induction air-supply trimming device (direct-drive motor + two or three pairs of radio-eye sensors + pneumatic thread cutter group + air suction dust collection device, with JUKI heavy machine overlock sewing machine Series) Product pictures are for reference only:

The schematic diagram of component installation is as follows:

product name:

Microcomputer Direct Drive Motor Automatic Induction Suction Thread Cutting Device (Direct Drive Motor + Two or Three Groups of Optoelectronic Eyes + Pneumatic Thread Cutter Set + Suction Dust Collecting Device, Equipped with JUKI Overlock Sewing Machine Series)

Product model:  GMD1-GTC-A-2A-JUKI
1.Using direct drive motor and control system, super power saving;
2. Electric eye sensor, which can automatically lift the presser foot to run and sew to achieve time-saving effect;
3. Electric eye sensor, which can set the number of stitches to control the automatic stop of sewing suction and thread trimming to save money;
4. Inductive induction, the number of stitches can be set to control the two sections of automatic suction before and after sewing to achieve air-saving effect;
5. Pneumatic thread cutter group is used. The angle of the fixed cutter can be adjusted to prolong the service life of the cutter body. The thread cutter can be used simultaneously without maintenance.
6. No need for skilled employees, let new and old employees stand on the same starting line.
7, save time, materials, labor, comprehensive production capacity increased by about 30%.
8. This product is suitable for heavy machine, Yamato, Pegasus, Yinjian and domestic overlock sewing machines.
9. If there are special circumstances, please contact the engineering department directly.


Compared with similar KS \ KH products, this product has many advantages:


  GTC series thread cutting device KS KH tangent device
1 Push button manual thread trimming function, easy to use in special situations No manual trimming function
2 Can cut front stitches Can't cut front suture
3 No need to stop cutting seams, can increase output by 30% Must stop cutting suture
4 Back cut stitching length can be selected Back cut stitching cannot be selected in length
5 The length of the suture is consistent after cutting to improve the quality of the product Uneven stitch length after cutting
6 Can cut elastic bands, shoulder straps, etc. Elastic bands, shoulder straps, etc. cannot be cut
7 Single process sewing can save up to 16CM line Can't save line
8 Suction wind only at the moment of tangent to save energy and reduce noise Always sucking air while sewing
9 even newbies can operate Must be skilled

It is suitable for the sewing operation of pants, pajamas, sportswear, work clothes, blouses and handkerchiefs.

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