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Multi function Needle Position DD Motor(with zig-zag sewing machine)
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Multi function Needle Position DD Motor(with zig-zag sewing machine)
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GMD6S-JUKI  Multi function Needle Position DD Motor with zig-zag sewing machine:

Product Features :
1、 with automatic stop pin , automatic presser foot from the many other features , small size, high output power, low heat , look more simple and beautiful ; applicable to all manufacturers supporting the use of sewing machines ( direct drive installation package detailed in the table ) .
2、 brushless motor design , no sparks security , long-term use without replacing any parts ; run outside during the interference of other small electronic devices .
3、 energy efficient , safe and environmentally friendly , the electric sewing machine to keep pace work, namely that the stop, no load power consumption, compared with clutch motor power saving more than 60-85 % ; work efficiency increased by more than 30% , and low noise , less heat .
4、 the maximum speed adjustable motor support between 300 ~ 7000RPM, can skip a grade level per speed between 100RPM.
5、 the product through the CNC drive brushless motor speed control system directly drag the sewing machine speed convenient , sensitive , comfortable operation and stable performance .
6、 the motor speed is determined by the speed governor control box output stroke motor power, running only when the electricity , just 2W of power when in standby .
7、 wide application , you can replace all of the following power levels of 550W clutch and motor, suitable clothing, leather handbags , shoes, bags , sofa, toys and other industries , the absolute energy saving, environmental protection, safety , green products.
Motor Specifications Direct drive servo motor and clutch motor power consumption comparison
Rated voltage:AC220V Voltage Range:AC160V-240V   In standby Continuous operation Efficiency Temperature Rise
Rated power:2~550W Current Rating:2A GRAND Servo DD motor 2W <160W >90% 1~20℃
Rated speed:4000rpm Speed ​​range:300-6000rpm Common 1/3 clutch motor 150W >250W <68% >30℃


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