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8 Section Tension type computerized elastic metering device(Fission Type, Upper Feed)
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8 Section Tension type computerized elastic metering device(Fission Type, Upper Feed)
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Name: 8 Section Tension type computerized elastic metering device(Combined Type, Upper Feed)
Model: GMD-C8
Merit: (High-quality swimsuit underwear sewing equipment necessary)
It can automatically sewing up to 8 continuous section to meet different sewing requiremets by pre-setting the tension and stitch in each section. Specially suited for attaching elastic in swimsuit leotard, Underwear, Sport wear, etc.It's really the best choice for garment factory with its reasonable structure, advanced design, easy operation, and installation, steady sewing quality and high efficiency.
Note Accessories: E10 LED and manual section change (Optional parts):This tiny display shows the current section being sewn and includes a swithch for manual section changes.
SY Fits on the machines hand wheel to contorl automatic section changes(Optional Parts).
EC Operation Panel(Standard):For manual section changes.
E8 Knee Switch(Standard):For manual section changes.
Technical Parameter: Power: 110V/240V
Tension: 0-99
Stitch on per section 0-999 Stitch
Sution 0-8 Section
Memory 26 Mode
SY stitch Counter Optional
Section Change by Finger Optional


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