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Belt hanging type Needle Position Energy Saving Motor(with all sewing machine)
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Belt hanging type Needle Position Energy Saving Motor(with all sewing machine)
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Grand’s exclusive energy-saving direct-drive servo motor and control system, not only have strong output power to meet the needs of sewing machines, but also contain a lot of reliable automatic control functions to regulate the motor’s working status. It greatly reduces energy consumption and improves efficiency. With characteristics of variable speed, quick start, precise positioning brake, easy installation and simple maintenance, it is absolutely an ideal upgraded product to replace traditional clutch motor or plugging motor used in current industrial sewing machines.

GRAND Needle Position Energy Saving Servo Motor Introduction:

GRAND Needle Position Energy Saving Servo Motor Difference (product installation type) Same
GMD Direct Drive Series Integrated motor and sewing machine head, rotor bearings mounted directly on the nose, no belt; different brands, models models can not be transferred to install Use and function exactly the same motor(Another optional automatic stop pin, automatic presser foot from the automatic thread trimmer / tangent suction dust and many other features)
GMB hanging Series With clutch motor, the need for belt linkage sewing; different brands and models of sewing machine models can be transferred with each other to install;


GMB1-H Belt hanging type Needle Position Energy Saving Motor(with all sewing machine, Maximum output  power 750W)

GMB1 Belt hanging type Needle Position Energy Saving Motor(With JUKI DDL 555 flat sewing machine):

Product Features :
1、 with automatic stop pin , automatic presser foot from the many other features , small size, high output power, low heat , look more simple and beautiful ; applicable to all manufacturers supporting the use of sewing machines ( direct drive installation package detailed in the table ) .
2、 brushless motor design , no sparks security , long-term use without replacing any parts ; run outside during the interference of other small electronic devices .
3、 energy efficient , safe and environmentally friendly , the electric sewing machine to keep pace work, namely that the stop, no load power consumption, compared with clutch motor power saving more than 60-85 % ; work efficiency increased by more than 30% , and low noise , less heat .
4、 the maximum speed adjustable motor support between 300 ~ 7000RPM, can skip a grade level per speed between 100RPM.
5、 the product through the CNC drive brushless motor speed control system directly drag the sewing machine speed convenient , sensitive , comfortable operation and stable performance .
6、 the motor speed is determined by the speed governor control box output stroke motor power, running only when the electricity , just 2W of power when in standby .
7、 wide application , you can replace all of the following power levels of 550W clutch and motor, suitable clothing, leather handbags , shoes, bags , sofa, toys and other industries , the absolute energy saving, environmental protection, safety , green products.

Motor Specifications Direct drive servo motor and clutch motor power consumption comparison
Rated voltage:AC220V Voltage Range:AC160V-240V   In standby Continuous operation Efficiency Temperature Rise
Rated power:2~550W Current Rating:2A GRAND Servo DD motor 2W <160W >90% 1~20℃
Rated speed:6000rpm Speed ​​range:300-7000rpm Common 1/3 clutch motor 150W >250W <68% >30℃


Return On Investment(The factory actual testing record)
JUKI 6714 Over-lock Quantity Working hrs / day  Clutch motor Power consumption Grand DD servo motor Power consumption Workingmonth(day) Electricity rate (CNY) Daily saving(CNY Monthly saving(CNY)
100 sets 9hrs 160KW 27kw 26 1.00 133.00 3458.00
Compared to clutch motor, using Grand energy-saving DD servo motor can increase work efficiency by 10%~25%. Presumably, if the monthly wage of a sewing worker is rmb 2500, a rough saving of rmb 250~500 will be achieved each month. The investments for motors can be earned back in a short term.


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